How To Get Traffic From StumbleUpon

Today, I’m going to review how to get traffic from StumbleUpon. I was really happy with my initial results using the platform, especially since all the traffic I got was free.

I recorded a video in case you prefer to absorb your content with my lovely voice speaking to you instead, which you can see here:

If not, you can simply read on from here 🙂


I actually spent 5-10 minutes putting all my articles in StumbleUpon, and my site traffic absolutely spiked…

How To Get Traffic From StumbleUpon

I was so happy when I logged in to see this…

And then I saw it was from my 5-10 minutes of effort getting my posts on StumbleUpon.

How To Get Traffic From StumbleUpon

Now before we get into how to do this, let’s analyze the traffic a little.

The way I see this is that it’s easy, free traffic that requires very little work. There is no reason not to post your content on StumbleUpon (and I’ll show you how later in this post).

Now the traffic itself has a high bounce rate (people are not staying on the site long and are “bouncing”. It makes sense. It’s random people stumbling and they are in “stumble” mode, meaning they are just in content discovery mode, they didn’t stumble upon your content specifically to read about that topic.

So it’s lower quality. But it’s free, it’s a social bookmark which can help with Google rankings, and it never hurts. So I recommend you follow my steps to do this for all your content.

Now if you don’t know what StumbleUpon is, don’t worry, I’m going to cover how the site works for you first.

StumbleUpon is a content discovery type web site. Meaning people “stumble” onto content and can either like, share, add the content to a list or dislike the content.

The bar to do this with is here:

How To Get Traffic From StumbleUpon

When you click “stumble” it will display a piece of content like this:

How To Get Traffic From StumbleUpon

You can even tailor what gets shown to you based on interests:

How To Get Traffic From StumbleUpon

Therefore, some of the traffic you will get is more targeted while other visitors you will receive aren’t. This is because some people stumble upon what they are looking for, and some others aren’t interested.

Either way, I advise you do this for all your content because as far as I can see, it can only help. It’s a free way to promote your blog.

Preliminary steps on how to get traffic from StumbleUpon:

  1. Set up a StumbleUpon profile at , you can use your Facebook profile if you like
  2. Have content ready to be posted (check out my How To Start a Blog in 20 Minutes post here to get your blog set up so you can add content)

Once you are inside StumbleUpon, you’ll see this option in the top right:

How To Get Traffic From StumbleUpon

Click “My Profile” and you’ll see this page:

How To Get Traffic From StumbleUpon

Click “Add a Page”…

How To Get Traffic From StumbleUpon

Then you’ll simply add your content link in the first spot, and from there fill in the rest of the areas. Add as many relevant tags as you can. It’s pretty simple to do this.

You’ll see a traffic boost doing this with all your content and it should also help with Google.

It’s free so it just makes sense 🙂

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